Photos by Eric Nisly

Ceramics by Allen Chen

Individual Artist Program Awards Grant to Eric Nisly

Photographer Eric Nisly will be working on an exhibition “Lives of the Served and Servers, a Documentary of 5 Non-Profit Organizations.” Photographic documentation of the volunteers working in non-profit organizations and the lives of those they touch in the Elkhart County area.

Description of the Project
I will select 5 non-profit agencies in the Elkhart County area to do a documentary photography exhibition.

In this series of photographs I want to visually express their services and benefits to the community. When people look at these images, I want them to feel touched and connected to the people in the organizations and the services to become real and alive.

Photography is what I do best, it is my desire and honor, to use this gift to help these organizations in the community, in a way that educates, entertains, and aids in the advancement of their services.  Producing photographs for them to use in publication, web sites, and public relation announcements, allowing them to better do what they do best, serve and help people.

The project will start with the final selection of 5 community impacting organizations. Then I will schedule photo shots with them using a representative to work out the logistics of scheduling times with members willing to give consent for the use of images in publications. I will use the photos to build a web gallery with information and photos of each group. Final selection of 4 photos per group will be made to mat and frame the photos for a photo exhibition. 

Photography and Web site by NE Design and Photography
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